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count in japan, 1900. some officials 10,000 people are dead from the earthquake and tsunami, which they upgrated today to a 9.0. a japanese news agency said 2,000 bodies washed up. 3,000 other are reported missing and 450,000 more are staying in shelters. tonight concerns over a melt down at one of the nuclear plants in japan are mounting following a hydrogen explosion that fukushima daiichi plants. all of the plants lost their cooling system in the earthquake and tsunami last friday. a travel warning today for u.s. citizens, not to go to japan unless absolutely necessary. flights have resume in japan. 1200 american citizens are in the northeastern part of the country. >> in the bay area, the red cross and san francisco leaders are coordinating fund raising efforts for earthquake and tsunami victims in japan. they have met with a representative from the japanese consulate who told them there is an immediate need. the red cross say the best way to help is donating money. >> the best way to help is to provide a donation so we could purchase the supplies on the ground in japan. >> the
a look at the crashing boats. >>> we have a team of reporters covering the impact of the japan quake here in the area. we begin with allie rasmus, she's in san jose this morning. >> reporter: we're standing over a bridge overlooking san jose harbor. earlier this afternoon there were hundreds of people peering over the edge, checking out the activity and looking at damage like what you're looking at right now. that is part of a dock that broke. we spoke to one woman who was standing on the dock as it started to break off. >> i was trying to run as fast as i could. then the dock broke up between my feet and i leaped across and got to the other side. >> reporter: doris welches boat survived. her boat is not just for fun, it is also her home. which each surge there was more damage. boats with broken masts toppled aimlessly. >> we started filming over here and the boats were completely being lifted up. and the boats started crashing into each other and capsizing. >> reporter: we watched one yacht start to take on water, and within minutes the channel had swallowed it up. >> there was a wake wa
in the united states. >> we are going to be looking at what happened in japan and if we get information that telless us there is a safety action, we will take action immediately. we are not doing nothing. >> if he is correct about the situation in japan it means there may be nothing more that can be conto prevent the fuel rods from a melt down. >>> the feds are adding more radiation monitors in the united states as concerns rise. the epa monitors radiation throughout the area. this is one of the monitors on top of this building in san francisco. we showed you this on monday during the 10:00 news. it can detect changes in radiation levels across the country. >> there are two nuclear plants in california and one is next to a fault line that was just recently discovered. >> reporter: that senatorrer is pointing his finger at pg&e, a company that prides itself on safety. that senator is asking it to do studies because of that fault line next to its power plant. >> this is the nuclear power plant. it creates 15% of the state's electricity. designed to with stand a 5.5 magnitude earthquake an
cruz harbor. >> the tactic search and rescue crews are taking to try to save victims of the japan quake. >> cause for concern. where things stand now at the nuclear power plant in japan facing a failure. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2news at six. >> good evening. i'm ken pritchett. >> i'm heather holmes. another crisis tonight in japan stemming from the 8.9 earthquake and tsunami. an emergency at a third nuclear reactor, the second today. there are reports but an official said an meltdown is a possibility. the ambassador to the united states denies there is evidence though of a meltdown. the nuclear agency said the cooling system malfunctioned at unit three of the plant that is 170 miles from tokoyo. earlier there was an explosion at the same complex of the outer building that houses the reactor. leaks have been detected. officials say 20kilometers is safe but it may change and go wider. it's disturbing. >> evacuations have been ordered for all residents with in a dozen miles of the plant. that's more than 200,000 people and we als
, the death toll continues to rise in japan. right now it stands at nearly 3800. officials say it could top 10,000. people have been evacuated and those within 20 miles are being told to remain indoors. >>> ktvu's jana is in tokyo where it is now 10:00 a.m. on wednesday morning. she joins us live now via skype with the latest on what's happening. >> reporter: julie and frank, woke up this morning, it's about 10:00 a.m. and the big headline is the radiation. a lot of concerns just four hours ago that there was a fire at the fukushima plant. a worker apparently was going by and saw smoke coming out of that. it looks like it's contained, but a lot of concern. we do have video of an area that has had quite a bit of problems and one thing we're hearing is that there's going to be a cold blast that will come over the country today, possibly bringing snow to that area. you can just imagine how much more difficult that will make relief efforts and not only for the earthquake evacwees, but now you mention coming from the fukushima radiation danger zone. one thing i have to point out, there are workers
the plume but only in the area near japan. let's come back live i can show you now we're at .12 per hour, that's still .11 still low for our traditional background in this area. lower than it was in fact, an hour ago. so we expect no problems here and we searchers say there is absolutely no health risk. reporting live, john fowler. >>> federal officials said today they'll start testing some passengers arriving from japan for radiation. officials say they are starting to monitor people and cargo arriving on japanese flights. but in san francisco international airport passengers arriving from japan told us they were not tested for radiation. >> they had, because they didn't do anything. so, yeah, everything was totally normal. >> reporter: and sfo spokesperson told us an hour ago that u.s. customs officials reported no unusual radiation levels among airport arrivals today. officials say they have several ways to monitor radiation exposures that may not be apparent to travelers. >>> the first emergency charter flight has left japan. it is carrying less than 100 state department personnel an
are marching right now calling for clean alternatives in the wake of japan's disaster. the activists believe nuclear energy is inherently unsafe and they are calling for power from wind, solar and wave sources. >>> coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. we'll have a full report including what workers inside that plant are saying about its safety. >>> radio active particles from japan's crisis are now just reaching the bay area. sounds bad but do people really need to worry? ktvu's health and science editor john fowler has been talking to scientists in berkeley today about any potential health risks, john. >> just after an hour ago, a source told me that minute trace amounts linked to japan have been discovered over the bay area. they are vastly lower than the background radiation you see here on our monitor about .13. the new detections are hundreds of times lower than that. now the good news also is that the rain has lowered this already low background radiation even more. >> right now berkeley scientists are sampling this rainwater. >> the first rain brings most of the radio active,
to northern japan for drinking and cooling the troubled nuclear reactor. the u.s. navy has shipped barges containing half a million gallons of fresh water and the air force has flown 500 tonnes of water to sendei. at the plant levels of iodine in the sea water now measure 1200 times higher than safety limits. but officials say it will be so dill outed it is not a threat to marine life. >>> the rain didn't deter some little fundraisers. the difference they say this run today will make in their education. >>> plus our storm watch continues. why repair efforts are on hold tonight along this stretch of coastal highway. [ music ] . >>> now you can wake up to complete bay area news coverage seven days a week. ktvu, channel 2 news is now on saturday and sunday with mike mibach and tony wong. . >>> a computer glitch grounded 60 alaska and horizon air flights today. san jose airport tells us three alaskan air flights to seattle were cancelled this morning. sfo and oakland airport reported no problems. alaska says power to its mainframe computer was knocked out overnight, grounding 15% of its fleet
but it should also detect fall out from the nuclear disaster in japan. an epa spokesperson says the sensors make regular automatic reports but that the data has to be reviewed by human experts before it is released. a process that can take several hours. >>> at the port of oakland today, the coast guard said it saw no cause for concern when a container ship arrived that had been in japan for three days after the start of reactor problems there. all containers arriving in oakland are routinely scanned for radiation. >>> in japan today there is no word on the condition of two reactor workers who suffered radiation burns. a nuclear agency spokesperson says those burns are evidence that radiation is likely leaking from the core of the damaged fukashima reactor number three. but they don't know yet how bad that breech is. word tonight is the temperature is stable and too low to melt fuel rods. >>> the recent storms have almost completely washed away an attraction in golden gate park that was already in need of help. ktvu's rob roth shows us now the new need, the new effort needed to save this decades
in 1981. >>> the crisis in japan impacts that nation's food supply. the products that have now been contaminated with traces of radiation. >>> things are cooling down at that crippled nuclear creek tore. what japanese crews have just been able to do to reduce the threat of a nuclear meltdown. >> we uncover a bay area breakthrough making vegetables you already ate more nutrition. >> what is the downside? >> there is none. >> i like it. . >>> now for the latest from japan, japanese engineers appear to be gaining control at that nuclear power plant tonight. but there are indications that radiation has already entered the environment. low levels of radioactivity were detected today in japanese tap water with slightly greater amounts in milk and spinach from farms near the power plant. but the greatest danger is to the engineers at that plant, some of whom are exposed to the equivalent of ten chest x-rays every hour. those engineers are making progress. in just the last few hours, they have restored electrical power to two of the spent fuel cooling ponds, dropping the temperature in them
. >>> a moderately strong earthquake hit north eastern japan a short time ago. it measured 6.0 but there are no reports right now of damage or injuries. that is in the same area as the nuclear power plant. workers there today hooked up power lines to all six of the plant's reactor units but they still need to check all the equipment for damage before they can start the crucial cooling system and that could take days or even weeks. >>> close to 600 americans are back on u.s. soil tonight after fleeing in uncertainty in japan. >> the u.s. state department charters a commercial plane to bring back people to the u.s. and travis air force base was their first stop. most of the passengers were women and children and most of them told us they were more concerned about the damage nuclear plants than the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami. >> i'm glad. i'm very happy, excited, to see my family and just more relaxed. the unknown of radiation or what was going on, it's scary. >> reporter: the base expects two flights carrying about 500 to 700 passengers to arrive each day for the n
-- if we're ready for an earthquake similar to the one that just devastated japan. seismologists say a 9 poi earthquake could cause a 30- foot tsunami off the coast. >> there's a 63% chance in san francisco of a northridge earthquake or a larger striking. >> jim vargas attended the hearing. on the 10:00 news, he'll look into whether the power plants are ready. >>> a field poll asks californians how they think the new governor is doing. 48% responded said they approve of how the governor is handling his job. 21% said they disapprove. 31% haven't formed an opinion yet. the same poll found only 16% approve of the job the legislature is doing. >> let your legislators know. would you like the chance to cast this boat or would you feel it's appropriate to shut out the people of california? >> that's governor brown's request for voters in his first youtube video since taking office. he's trying to persuade californians to vote on tax extensionses to help ease the state's deficit. he called lawmakers for the $14 billion in tuts -- cuts last week, courageous. >>> bill martin, our chief meteorolog
. >>> and the start of the japan relief and recovery fund has been announced today. >>> radiation levels in japan water fell to a level not considered dangerous. many japanese have been stocking up on bottled water even since traces of radio active iodine had risen to a level considered dangerous to the long term health of children. >>> japanese engineers continue to release radio active steam from the damaged nuclear power plants as they continue to spray saltwater on the reactors. two workers at the plant are being treated now for radiation burns after pulling a cable through contaminated water near one of the reactors. >>> we have breaking news right now. ace train is canceling its train service tomorrow because of debris on the track. we don't know yet if a bus bridge will be set up again tomorrow. ace train service between stockton and fremont to san jose cancelled for tomorrow because of problems on the tracks. >>> it has been one of those days today. boy bill you weren't kidding when you said this was going to be a big storm today. >> it was right in the heart of the morning commute. this
-ichi nuclear power plant in japan. high levels of radiation were also discovered in sea water off shore from the plant. as we told you, uc berkeley researchers who are monitoring found increased radiation and have been testing rain water and right now testing tap water. early testing on milk says increased radiation will not be harmful. >> smaller than the radioactive we find normally in milk. >> the human body is slightly radioactive. >>> in sacramento a committee approved a bill requiring online retailers to collect sales tax from buyers in california. it bill will increase state revenues. opponentsthog bill will put thousands of californians out of work. amazon and overstalk threatened to cut ties if the bill passes. >>> ebay agreed to buy gsi commerce. gsi provides interactive marketing services to companies. >>> the dow lost 23 points today. the nasdaq dropped 12. >> the tough questions pg&e faced about its lapses in safety records. >>> first look inside the fourth bore of the tunnel. >>> drying out and warming up. which cities tomorrow will be the warmest. >>> pg&e says cruise will wor
and what it means. >>> more disturbing news about the nuclear disaster emerged out of japan today. contaminated water has spread 300 yards farther into the sea. radioactive iodine at more than three times the legal limit. japanese officials say it doesn't pose a threat to human health. a show of support from the emperor and empress today. they visited a shelter in tokyo. some of the survivors said they were comforted by the couple. >>> the san francisco public defender says a judge dropped charges today after viewing footage from a surveillance video. officers asked him where he kept his money. it's the latest in a series of cases dismissed in a scandal involving police officers and surveillance video. >>> arrested two men and they are still looking for a third tonight. the intense search unfolded on ktvu newsen at noon. officers tracked one of the suspects to a shed in a near by backyard. police reopened blocked off streeted around 3:30 this afternoon. >>> a police department's human trafficking task force unveiled this public service ad today. it was paid for by a grant from the
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15